Leslie Houk's Links Page

Here is my personal web page, organized for your viewing pleasure. There's something for everyone (I hope!), so pick an icon and start clicking.

Last updated March 13, 2019.


Personal Links

Boy Icon My Biography ("Leslie Who?")    
CD Icon My Musical Recommendations Atheism Icon How I Became An Atheist
Skannerz Icon My Undocumented SKANNERZ Secrets Page NIC Icon My Ifconfig Network Card Identifiers Page
Scroll Icon My Favorite Poems Smile Icon My "Quips And Quotes" Page

Favorite Links (The Ones I Visit Every Morning)

Wired Logo Wired News Slashdot Logo Slashdot
NPR Logo National Public Radio FARK Logo It's Not News, It's FARK
ThinkProgress Logo ThinkProgress Politicus USA Politicus USA
Texas Observer Logo The Texas Observer Houston Chronicle The Houston Chronicle

Model Rocketry Links

NAR Logo The National Association of Rocketry NHRC Icon The NASA Houston Rocket Club